my name is Brittney Brooks. I am a 28-year-old owner and creator of my own clothing brand called, “Dajour L Dior”. Dajour L Dior is a luxury designer clothing for men, women and children. I started Dajour L Dior February 1, 2021. The reason why I started Dajour L Dior was because I was a single mom pregnant with two toddlers living in and out of different hotels and also living out of my two-car door Camaro. That wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted for myself or my boys growing up in. I had a great head on my shoulders and always knew the woman I wanted to be.


In the midst of things, I fell into a rough stage of my life, having to learn the hard way and had to hit my head a couple times down the road. In the city where I’m from, Little Rock, there is a lot of violence and killing going on daily. People losing hope, giving up on their selves without seeking their full protentional or chasing their dreams. I want to show my 501 community and other states that you can start from the bottom having little to no money and still come out on top.


I came up with the name, “Dajour L Dior” combining all three of my boys’ middle names; Ka’Dreus Dajour, Ka’Mari Lamar and Ka’Venchi Dior. Whenever someone put on their Dajour L Dior, I want them to feel inspired, to feel motivated, to know that no matter what happens at the end of the day, on this day they gave it their all.


I designed Dajour L Dior for the hustlers, the go-getters, the people who gone make something out of nothing, the people who don’t take, “NO” for an answer. To Dajour L Dior, no means, “Next Opportunity”. Dajour L Dior started off as a thought. I knew I wanted to leave behind a legacy for my young kings and I wasn’t able to do that only working the 8-5 job I had. October 2020, I was working at the hospital  where I felt happy being there the first couple weeks. Overtime, I felt less motivated to go into work. December 2020, I called and spoke with my mom and Me’Me which is my grandmother. I told them that the job wasn’t my passion and I no longer wanted to work for the company, and that I wanted to go full-time into entrepreneurship with my business. They both told me to do what was best for me and my boys and to follow my dreams. A couple days later, I turned in my resignation notice to my manager.


I spent long hours day and night researching and feeding my brain with knowledge on starting my own business. I took a lot of notes on marketing, branding and social media strategies to get my brand out to the public eye. After I felt confident with my research, I went and invested my last $500 into starting my business. I went to my local screen-printing company, they designed my logo, designed my logo onto my first order of screen-printing t-shirts, and also designed my business cards to include in my orders and hand out around my city. Social Media has drastically made a difference and helped me reached customers and potential customers around the world.


First month of starting my clothing line, I was walking in and out of different barbershops, beauty salons and several different businesses introducing myself and promoting my clothing line. The more people I had supporting Dajour L Dior, the more people was noticing and was trying to remember where they recognized the brand. From word of mouth, the demand in sales increased locally and different states. I was forced to get a website I started packaging and shipping out orders daily.


Every dollar received in sales was fully reinvested into Dajour L Dior. There wasn’t a day that would go by that I didn’t go somewhere and see someone rocking my brand or receiving phone calls or text messages letting me know that they just saw someone wearing my gear. That alone made me so happy and reinsured me that I was on the right path to my success. I put up my first Billboard in Little Rock off University and ran my first radio ad on 965 The Box. To know I was able to accomplish these things and attract more eyes on my brand made me feel great inside. It was nobody’s work but Gods.


I’m meeting new people daily talking to them about my brand. People are seeing the hard work, consistency, determination and vision. They want to be apart of it. Growing up, I always wanted luxury designer clothing but was never able to afford it. My parents worked two jobs at a time, long hours a day. I always had the mindset of wanting better and being able to put my people in a better position. By creating Dajour L Dior, it taught me a lot about myself. What I like, what I don’t like and what I will not settle for. I see it especially when I’mpacking up my orders. If I feel like something in the package isn’t folded properly, or placed a certain way, I will take everything out the package, straighten everything out and repackage it.


Presentation is everything to me. Present things to the eye as if you would want it to be presented if it was you receiving it. I market daily on Facebook and Instagram, shipping orders to different states, personally delivering orders to local customers daily, I’m doing it all. I’m showing people who is inspired by my story that you can do positive things and blessings will form. Just me posting positive quotes on my social media pages will help motivate and uplift someone to keep going and not give up. Where I’m from, Little Rock, Arkansas, you don’t see or hear about too many great things going on. All you see or hear about is the violence and killing. I want to spread more love and positivity around the 501 community and other states.


My boys and family inspire me. Seeing my parents working hard daily to provide for their family making huge sacrifices so we would never have to want for nothing motivated and inspire me. If they were able to do it, so can I. If others can achieve their dreams and goals, so can I. Nothing is stopping me, but ME. I want Dajour L Dior to be a huge worldwide lifestyle brand. Looking back, I’m proud of myself. Being a huge introvert, I was able to walk into several barbershops, beauty salons and different businesses introducing myself and my brand seeing if people wouldn’t mind supporting me.


I didn’t have it all together when I first started, I also didn’t have all the tools I needed. But one thing I can say is, I made it work. My shirts I sold was great quality shirts from the feel and the look with my logo placed center of the chest area on it. The only thing I didn’t like was I had someone one else’s tags on the inside of my shirts instead of Dajour L Dior tags. Now my production team is tagging all of our garment with our brand on it from the inside to the outside to look more official and top quality.

Never let a situation you’re currently in determine your outcome. Six months of consistency, dedication and hard work can change your life forever. There’s so much I have in store for the years to come in my personal and business life. I want to be able to live good, eat good and drive good. I have Billionaire Dreams.


To interview Brittney, please email or call 501-647-4437.